A Memoir By Gautam Narula

Part memoir and part exposé, Remain Free is the story of the unlikely friendship between Troy Davis, a forty year old death row inmate from a rough part of the city, and Gautam Narula, a teenage high school student from the suburbs, amid the politics and personalities behind the Troy Davis movement.

They came from entirely different worlds: one from 1980s Savannah, riddled with poverty, drugs, and violence, exacerbated by lingering racial tensions between whites and blacks, and the other from 2000s suburban Atlanta, a sheltering bubble absent of firsthand experience with violence, poverty, or militant racism. And yet their friendship grew, inspiring the former to believe that today’s youth would create a world better than the one he lived in and transforming the latter from an apathetic skeptic into an ardent activist.In 2011, Troy Davis was the world’s most famous death row inmate. Virtually unknown four years earlier, Davis caught the world’s attention when he repeatedly faced execution despite serious claims of innocence: 7 of the 9 eyewitnesses from trial recanting their testimony against him, and 10 witnesses claiming another man had confessed to the crime. A movement spanning millions of people emerged around the globe. His execution on September 21, 2011, caused one of the highest tweet spikes in Twitter historyBut despite the worldwide media attention and the famous "I Am Troy Davis" slogan, few knew the man behind the movement or the political and legal wrangling that went on behind the scenesUntil now.

Beyond the story of a teenager coming of age on death row, Remain Free reveals intimate, previously unpublished details about the Troy Davis case and movement, including:
  • Troy Davis’s firsthand account of what happened the night of the murder that led to his conviction, and what occurred in the following days, months, and years
  • The harsh reality of life on death row, compared to the facade given to the outside world

  • The disorienting change of becoming an overnight celebrity on death row

  • The people and organizations behind the Troy Davis movement, not all with altruistic motives

  • The legal complexities and political maneuvering that ultimately sent Troy Davis to his execution

2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist
(Current Events/Social Change)

Indiefab 2015 Book of the Year Award Finalist

2016 Bronze Medalist Independent Publisher Book Awards.
(Best Regional Non-fiction)

Remain Free was released on September 21, 2015. All customers pre-ordering the book will receive an autographed copy, a surprise gift, and FREE shipping.


Kavita Chhibber’s interview with Troy Anthony Davis


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